Vizionary Commission Plan

“Change is inevitable in life. You can either resist it and potentially get run over by it, or you can choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it, and learn how to benefit from it. When you embrace change you will begin to see it as an opportunity for growth.” - Jack Canfield Welcome to Vizionary! Effective 3rd June, 2019, we are launching this new commission plan that will take your business to a-whole-nother level!


Inactive Commission

Direct Sales Commission

Binary Commission

Binary Commission Rules:

  • Personal Package: at least 2 Star
  • Activation: 200 CV per Leg
  • 1 Step: 500 CV per leg
  • CV is valid upto 12 months.
  • Binary Bonus depends on Recognition Pin Level but starts at 70 USDT for everyone.


Recognition Pin Levels:


There are 2 scenarios from which one can earn unqualified steps and in both scenarios, one unqualified step pays € 20 per step.

Scenario 1 - You didn't complete your OTA of the binary within the first 30 days when your commission is paid out. If you want to change this, just complete your OTA and in your next pay run, you will receive the applicable step value for your recognition level.

Scenario 2 - Vizionary’s Binary commission plan is designed to make sure that no one can achieve full success without having to continuously contribute to growth on both the left and the right side of their business. You can get unqualified steps if you focus on building only your Working Leg. There is a balance rule and this is how it works.

1 Step = 500 CV on right leg + 500 CV on left leg

Of the points you earn in your power leg (and this rule only applies to your system set power leg), 100 CV of 500 CV, needs to come from your Personal Team. Personal Team means in this scenario members that can be traced back to you through generations. It doesn't matter how many generations away from you these CV points are produced. Basically, for every step you earn, you need to have 100 CV from your Personal Power leg team (tracked down to infinity).

Note that we give everyone an exemption from this rule as long as you earn less than 50 steps per week. Below are some examples:

Example 1

  • Assumptions:
    • Personal Power Leg team produced 500 CV
    • Total Steps Earned: 60 steps
      • Exemption: 50 steps
        • Commission: 50 steps * your applicable step value
      • UNQUALIFIED STEPS: 10 steps
        • Commission: 10 steps * € 20
          • Unqualified because:
            • You did not earn 100 CV from your Personal Power Leg team in every step.
            • You should have 100 CV x 60 step = 6000 CV
            • But only 500 CV was earned from Personal Power Leg team.

Example 2

  •  Assumptions:
    • Personal Power Leg Team produced 10000 CV
    • Total Steps Earned: 200 steps
      • 100000 CV / 100 CV (qualification per step) = 100 steps
      • Qualified steps: 100 steps * applicable step value
      • Unqualified steps: 100 steps * € 20


  • The personal power leg team qualification points are reset to zero on a weekly basis.
  • DO NOT confuse the personal power leg team qualification CV with your unused Binary CV points. Unused Binary CV will remain intact until they are paid out, maxed out, or expired. The only thing that is reset every week is the QUALIFICATION.

This balance rule is in place so that everyone who joins will know that they will get help from above. No one can truly succeed without helping to build teams in both legs. The very best way to prepare for future success when you join the business is to balance your team efforts from day 1.

Matching Bonus (MB) is an awesome bonus Vizionary offers. This bonus rewards you for helping people in your personal generational structure to earn binary income.

Qualifications Rules:

  • Personal Qualification: Must have personally bought at least an 888 Pack or above.
  • Sponsorship Qualification: Personally sponsor at least an 888 pack or above to each of your legs.
  • Position Qualification: Place sponsored packs on the outside legs of your network structure.

When all of the above qualifications are met, the table below is the overview that will show you the passive income power of the Matching Bonus:

*When qualifications are met, you will earn a matching bonus from everyone in these generations, regardless of their membership type and where they are placed in your structure.

Unilevel Commission

Unilevel Commission Rules:

  • The Commission will be paid out immediately, subject to Mandatory Account rules.
  • Example:
    • 6Gen:5✩,10000USDT. o 1% = 100 USDT
    • 100 USDT / 18 months = 5.55555555 USDT per month
    • 5.55555555 USDT / 30 days = 0.18518518 USDT per day


Mandatory Account

All earnings will take a 70-30 split where 70% goes to online account and 30% goes to Mandatory OGC Holding Account.

The Mandatory OGC Holding Account will hold OGT escrowed for 180 days. At the end of the escrow period the OGT will automatically be converted back to OGC and placed in OGC Account.

Daily income will be credited to Online Account for 180 days.

How it works:

  • 30% = 10 000 USDT
  • 10 000 / 150 USDT = 66.666666 OGC
  • 1 OGC=1600OGT
    • 66.666666 OGC * 1600 OGT = 106 666.6656 OGT
  • Daily Income from Mandatory
    • (10 000 USDT – 3333.3333 USD Gold Cost – 30% Operation Cost) / 180 days
    • 20.37 USDT



Matrix: A commission structure that is opened for you every time you earn 1 step. The Matrix structure will always have you on top with 2 spots directly below you and 4 spots directly below them. See Figure 1.

Every time a member you personally referred earns a step, They will fill a spot in your MATRIX from the left to the right most position. EVERY Step earned by your personally referred member, will fill up a new position.

U1 position will be filled in first then U2, then U3, and so on. See the directional arrows in Figure 1.


ENTRY Matrix is the matrix where the members you personally refer have just earned 1 step to fill the 6 Spots in your Matrix. An ENTRY Matrix is opened for you every time you earn a new step.

  • 1 step opens 1 Matrix.
  • Spots in your Matrix are filled by:
    • 1 Step each spot.
    • Your direct downlines
    • Your next gen downlines
      • If uplines don’t have steps.
  • When Matrix is filled you will earn 40 USDT.


EXIT Matrix is the matrix where everyone who’s completed their Entry Matrix fill a spot.

  • 1 Complete Matrix opens 1 Exit Matrix.
  • Spots in your Matrix are filled by:
    • Complete Matrix per spot
    • Your direct downlines
    • Your next gen downlines
      • if their uplines don’t have Matrixes.
  • When Matrix is filled, you will earn 160 USDT.


The MATRIX Example:

You have:

  • 5 Steps = 5 Matrixes
  • 4 Personally Sponsored Members
  • U1 has gained 4 steps
  • U2 has gained 1 step
  • U3 has gained 2 steps
  • U4 has gained 5 steps

Figures 4 and 5 shows how your Matrixes were filled by your 4 members.

But you still have 3 Matrixes left to complete.


What happens if an upline does not have a MATRIX?

The system will search the downlines under your oldest Members first for anyone who’s gained a step(s). Those members will fill your Open Matrixes.

So, if the upline does not have an open matrix, the downlines that gain steps or completes a Matrix will fill in the next open Entry or Exit matrix above their upline.


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